A company of young minds who are passionate to bring back the traditional way of farming which was more sustainable, comprehensive and environmentally friendly. We strongly believe that one should respect nature and nothing should be done against it and with this aim we started the company Banshi organic.

"Banshi Organic" The name comes from the name of my grandfather Banshidhar Gupta who was renowned in his area as an agricultural scientist for the pathbreaking achievements in the field of organic farming and cattle raising. continuing on his legacy we the third generation have started this company to serve the community with the motto of providing the best quality natural and organic Dairy & farm products.

We adopt the traditional organic practices and have only desi cows at our farms to give the highest quality of the food products to our consumers. Most of the products are grown at our farm and not sourced from the unauthenticated places.

Our Farm and the Beloved Cows

Our 60 acres farm is certified organic and is situated in the hinterlands of Madhya Pradesh near the city of Indore in the most possible natural surroundings.

We have only desi Gir breed of cows from Gujarat which are renowned worldwide as the most nutritious milk producer in the world.

Our whole farming is dependent on cow’s dung and urine and no other pesticide and chemical are used. The pasture for cow is also grown organically and the cows are allowed to graze freely whole day which in return gives very nutritious milk.

The cows are fed herbs like Moringa, Ajola, Neem, Aloe vera and shatavar periodically and always kept in the cruelty-free atmosphere.